All Mini Prints $30 each or 4 for $100!

About Us

Love Arthur is that naughty splash of paint that landed unexpectedly on your painting, that stroke of colour that snuck into your palette without an invitation, the line that wasn’t meant to be, but all of which formed a beautiful creation that destiny might say… was always meant to be!

Love Arthur thrives from the energy in the studio, we are the cheeky child constantly reminding our artist that we’re here for the fun – making a beautiful mess is what we are all about. We are the beat blasting in the studio, we are the sweet and savoury that nourishes each creation, we are the love in ARThur.

Know that when you welcome a Love Arthur piece into your home, you are not only acquiring a unique piece of art, you are also becoming a part of its journey. Each piece has its own story to share. From our little fun studio to your home.

With love always